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Lockbin protects messages in transit with 256-bit TLS/SSL, while FIPS 140-2 verified AES-256 bit encryption protects messages at rest. Learn more!

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Online Email Encryption Made Simple

What is Lockbin?
Lockbin is a web application for sending private email messages and files. It's free! People use it to send things like credit card numbers or confidential information.

Why can't I just use email?
Lockbin ends message persistence, which means your email message will not be backed up on email servers or stored in backup files. Network sniffers can also spy on your email traffic while in transit. Use Lockbin to obscure the content of your message and avoid these hazards to your privacy.

How does it work?
No registration is required to use Lockbin. Your message and file attachments are protected by strong AES-256 bit encryption and your secret password. You invent the password and deliver it to the recipient using a phone, text message, instant message, homing pigeon, but not email.

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