Lockbin Outlook Add In 4.0.8

Change log:

Released: 27/Oct/17

[LOAI-33] - Digital signature on MSI file is invalid
[LOAI-34] - Adding emails and passwords to the "Password tab" produces an exception

Lockbin Outlook Add In 4.0.7

Change log:

Released: 08/Oct/17

LOAI-8 - Cancellation of sending email is not working fine (button removed)
LOAI-22 - MSI installer not available
LOAI-23	Prevent installer from showing prompt about keeping or deleting settings when upgrading software
LOAI-25 - Check for Updates fails/Disable check for updates
LOAI-28	Once you setup wrong proxy you can't get lockbin add in working again
LOAI-29 - Proxy password and passwords on passwords tab are shown in clear text

LOAI-27	Allow configuring lockbin add in at installation time through msi command line